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Genetically Driven Employee Health & Wellness

What We Do

Sequence employee DNA and perform health assessment

Interpret results and create a custom plan for each employee

Facilitate employee lifestyle changes through health coaching

American Family Health gives your employees access to an expert team of professionals including a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, genetic specialist, exercise physiologist and nutritionist to improve the health of your employee population

Take your family’s future into your hands

Let us be your Wellness Partner

Why American Family Health

American Family Health combines the most comprehensive genetic screening in the world with over 50 years of clinical experience to interpret you and your family’s genetic results and provide your employees with a personalized health plan that will help them live their best life.

Using insights backed by the latest science, your employees can see how their DNA could affect their risk of developing certain health conditions. Your employees will receive personalized reports that will break down their genetic data, and our team will use it for the next steps to create a personalized health and wellness plan for your employees and their dependents.

Want to Learn More?

Request a free consultation call with our dedicated nurse.

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